Thursday, 27 January 2011

Herbert Threantens CP!!

When I was looking at the new newspaper,i found this! It is too quick to take a photo so here is a vid!

What do you think? Please comment,and give credit if you got this cheat from me :)


Monday, 24 January 2011

New Field Op and Intercepted message!

Hey guys new field op here-
Go to HQ,accept field op,then go to the dock,into the wilderness and on the right next to the rock will be your op :)
 Also,a strange message from (most likely) HERBERT P BEAR!
Thanks for reading!


Free Brown Puffle House!

My friend was waddling around in the brown puffle room,and look what she found!

Free brown puffle houses!So cool!

Credit to Pinky

Monday, 17 January 2011

Expedition Party is here! With a mysterious prize...

Hey guys
The expedition party is here!The island is not decorated,there is only one bit of the party to do and its AWESOME!!  This will be a step by step guide to getting something at the end but I wont tell you what!
Ok so lets go
1) Go to the Dock
2) Follow the arrow to the first puzzle room.
3)Pick up your free hat :D

4) Pick up that scrap of paper and read it.Its a clue!
5) Go to the right,to the start of the puzzle.Now you will see the forest with 4 different ways to go,always follow the cogs if you get lost,but you have to find them.Or you could just follow my directions!
Go Right,then up,then right,then down,then left,then down,then right.

6)Next you will see this room:
7) This is an invention,and you have to try to get the rope on the right to pull up.So:
Click the plug,then the coffee beans,then the coffee machine,then the coffee jar,then the green button on the machine you just poured the coffee into,then the pink switch under the piano,then the green switch next to it,then the yellow button,then the red,then the purple,then the blue lever next to the piano.
Next you will see that the piano's keys will light up,click them (seven times) until it catches on fire!
Now throw some snowballs on the fire.Then the keys will light up again and click them another seven times.Next the phone with move upwards-you have to click the green button underneath that.Then under the Tv and the 2 levers,click all of the green keypad.
Above that click the purple lever,then the green/blue one,then follow that purple wire with your mouse,or look next to the levers,you will see something that looks like a fire extinguiser,click the top.
Now click the red pullchain (above the Tv),then the red hotsauce bottle,then the water bottle,then the grey vent on the side of the Big Fishbowly thingy xD.
Next,the metal toaster,and now a Target will pop out the side,snowball it until the barrel comes up.

8) Walk on the barrel and go into the next room....

9) Go to the store on the left and but the lifejacket.
10) Build the boat

11) Now walk into the boat and it will take you to here:
12)Go into the cave:
13)You will see all the brown puffles!!

14)On the top right read that scrap of paper and you can adopt one for FREE!!

15)See the boat in the bottom right corner?Walk into it and it takes you to the cove,you can go back to the brown puffle room from there!

16)Thanks for reading,comment,follow? :D


Friday, 14 January 2011

New Game and New Epf Gadget AND New Epf Gear!

Cp have at last updated!
We now have a new AMAZING game called System defender,in the Command room!
The above is a screenshot from In-game.

Now,the new gadget!
ISSS...........*Starts Drumroll*................

Messages... :o

Inside messages:
Dont know how to use it though.

And now,the new gear which is SOO COOL!!

Its called Tech and annoyingly I have 0 Credits to buy it with..
Here it is!

Thanks for Reading!Please comment!


Thursday, 6 January 2011

Detailed Coins For Change Results & I'm back!

Hey penguins!
Look what I found!!!
So this means that what you earn would add up to what all the penguins gave for coins for change.
So the equivilant would be:
2,452,238,760 Pizzas Made
2,919,332 Years as an agent
490,447,752 Pearls taken from Aqua Grabber
Buying every single item of clothing EVER 16,613 times!
So well done Donaters!!