Want to advertise?

Hey! Here are prices if you want to put up an ad on my blog: ( The longer you buy the cheaper it gets!)
1 Month- One CJW code
3 Months-2 CJW codes
6 Months-One Months Membership & One CJW Code/OR One 6 month membership OR 6 CJW Codes
10 Months- 9 CJW Codes/6 Month membership & 2 CJW's

If you put my banner on your blog,and you have over 1000 followers on twitter,then one CJW is taken off the price! (does not count one month payments)
If you have any other type of code or CC then contact penguinx1 and he will find you a deal.

Penguinx1 Reserves the right to give any type of discounts to his friends
Penguinx1 Also will not put up the banner if the payment is FAKE.